MUNAYCO LAW, A Professional Corporation
510 470-1219

Munayco Law, P.C. is a public oriented law office. Our goal is to provide affordable legal services to everyone. Unlike other law firms, we offer reduced hourly rates. Do not expect to pay high hourly rates which usually average at $300.00 per hour or more. Do not expect to pay high retainer deposits ($5000 or more).  We offer services at a sliding scale (starting at $100.00 dollars per hour). Your hourly rate will be determined by your gross yearly income which is income earned from all sources, usually as declared in your tax filings.

We offer a one-time 15 minute phone consultation to do a quick assessment of your particular needs. However, if you need a thorough review of your particular situation, including a review of your legal documents or paperwork which may be relevant to your particular needs, then it is recommended that you schedule and in person consultation with an attorney from our office.

Our initial in person consultation fee is $100.00 for up to one hour. 

Any additional consultations which are scheduled with the office shall be charged at $100.00 per hour.

Our office accepts payments by cash, money order, checks (subject to a $50.00 fee for bounced checks) and credit cards.